Human Resource Management

PCMH Consulting

RR Health Strategies’ HR Management services will assist organizations in:

  • Organizational development
  • Company-wide committee facilitation
  • Customized Human Resource Manual
  • Policy and Procedure development and implementation
  • Compensation (payroll) and benefits set-up and administration
  • Vendor Selection
  • Personnel File Systems and Record Retention Requirements
  • Compensation Structures and Wage Analysis
  • Employment; compliance and regulatory support
  • Employee file compilation (Confidential, government forms, etc.)
  • Federal and State labor regulation and inspection guidance
  • Employee onboarding, development, assessment, and training
  • Job descriptions
  • Recruiting and staffing support
  • Performance management and improvement systems
  • Employee relations
  • Employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health
  • Company employee and community communication
  • Employee services and counseling
  • Onsite HR Support Services
  • Employee training and development:
    • provide necessary education and materials to managers and employees
      including workshops, manuals, and employee handbooks
    • implementation of a performance management system that includes performance
      development plans (PDPs) and employee development programs.
    • Establish a training system that addresses training needs, new employee
      onboarding or orientation, management development, and production cross-training.

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